SCG Launches Innovative Products and Services at Indobuildtech Expo Bandung 2015.

To meet various kinds of dynamic customers’ needs, SCG showcases its three newest innovative products and services, comprises Waterproof Concrete, Jayamix Super Concrete, and Extension chute from “Jayamix by SCG” at Indobuildtech Expo held at the Bandung Convention Center on October 21-25, 2015. This time, SCG delivers the concept of “The Nextplorer” that explores premium-quality building materials as the important foundation behind a great construction.

In addition to the new products, SCG also showcases other highlighted products that are behind the success of great construction, which include SCG Pipe and Precast products and services that earned the trust from a number of major drainage and sewerage system project clients, SCG cement with distinctive formula for high bonding and smooth finish for wall application, and SCG Smartblock lightweight concrete block with the ability to save home energy consumption.